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26 06 2009

Visit my site at and comment if you want to become an author!
Well later




31 05 2009

Hello All Penguins who visit this website,

  This blog will be shut down!!! I am tired of posting on two blogs!! It gets annoying and hard. My new website is: Click here to get there.

  This blog will officially be shut down on Wednesday June 3rd. has the exact same things as this blog and it will have even better things! More cheats, glitches, and a lot of otehr things!! =]

  So please start visiting my other website!! All the old posts on it will be erased.


PS I am sure I have all of my old authors on there! Please post!

Medieval Party

15 05 2009

hey its Withyoually here I have seen no one have been posting on this blog so I will try to post more and I hope the other authors will too!!!! Here are some pics from the Medieval party and the are MADE BY WARRANTY!!!


I hope you have fun at the Party!!!!!!



April Fools Party!!!

30 03 2009

Gary have been working on a new invention for the April Fools Party!!! In the newspaper it says “What if I could formulate something that caused penguins to wrap to somewhere else?”



Where do you think the wrap will get us? Will members and non-members be able to use it? What will it be called?

Those questions haunt me!!!!



29 03 2009

I’m blueberry57!

I just noticed this site in my dashboard!


Reds party

28 03 2009

Where: His igloo on map

Server: Alaska

Time: 6:00 PM

 Day: March 30, 2009


Protected: 18947alvin

18 03 2009

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